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Board of Directors
CEO Message
Board of Directors
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"I enjoy watching both sunsets and sunrises. I’m always moved by the splendor, beauty and sense of accomplishment of each day’s colorful sunset and by the feeling of renewal and promise brought on by each morning’s sunrise. In the same way, I cherish great dreams for my company, Sany. As a powerful inner drive, those dreams push me to excel, to succeed. I believe that my hard work can contribute to the success of Sany in the world arena. With many risks and challenges, starting a business takes courage. But in less than two decades, Sany has grown from its humble beginnings to become a leader in construction machinery manufacturing. The Sany brand and products are now recognized as top quality. Encouraged by this success, I have become even more determined to fulfill the monumental mission of expanding our product lines and improving our quality even more. We will be truly successful only when Sany's products are superior to those of our strongest competitors. Sany’s goals are to reshape China's construction machinery industry with advanced Sany technology, to build products recognized for their quality worldwide and improve them with continuous innovation, to exceed our customers' expectations with unparalleled quality and services and finally, to make sure that "Made in China" means top quality to the rest of the world. Everyone dreams of greatness. Sany's dreams are being realized by its employees, step-by-step and one by one."
Chairman & CEO of SANY Group Liangwengen
Board of Directors
Liang Wengen
Co-founder Chairman, SANY Group
TANG Xiuguo
Co-founder President, SANY Group Chairman, SANY Construction Technology Co.,Ltd
President, SANY Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd
YI Xiaogang
Vice President, SANY Group Chief Engineer Director, Intelligent Manufacturing Headquarter
ZHOU Fugui
Chairman, SANY Heavy Energy Co.,Ltd
YUAN Jinhua
Co-founder Chairman, Board of Supervisors Chairman, SANY Petroleum Intelligent Equipment Co.,ltd
MAO Zhongwu
Co-founder Member of Board of Directors
ZHAO Xiangzhang
Director, Risk Control Committee
Chairman, SANY Heavy Duty Truck Co.,Ltd
LIANG Zaizhong
Member of Board of Directors
DAI Qinghua
Director, R&D Center of SANY Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.
YU Hongfu
Chairman, SANY Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd.
HUANG Jianlong
CFO, SANY Group Member of Board of Directors of SANY Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.